Yearly Wrap-Up | My 2019 in Books

I initially didn’t want to make a wrap-up post for 2019, simply because it was such a bad reading year for me. But I just watched readwithcindy’s wrap-up and I got motivated to do one myself. Just because it wasn’t the best year for books, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t look back and reflect.

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Bücher auf Englisch lesen | Gründe und Tipps

Wenn Leute sehen, dass ich ein Buch auf Englisch lese, werde ich oft gefragt: “Warum?” (begleitet von einem ungläubigen Blick). Meistens ist meine Antwort ein einfaches Schulterzucken und ein “Nur so”. Dabei gibt es viele Gründe, weshalb ich auf Englisch lese – und weshalb du es auch tun solltest.

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Yearly Wrap-Up | My 2018 in Books

I can’t believe 2018 is actually over. This year was really exciting for me. I started my book-related Instagram and my own blog. And of course, I read a lot of great books.
In 2018 I completed my reading challenge (the only other time I managed that was in 2016)! I exceeded my goal of 24 books with 15,620 pages across 53 books. My average rating for 2018 is 3,6 stars. Pretty good if you asked me.

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FairyLoot Unboxing | Dragons | December 2018

Spoilers for the December box! Proceed with caution!


Spoilers for the December box! Proceed with caution!

FairyLoot is a monthly subscription box that includes 5-6 exclusive bookish goodies and a new YA fantasy book (hardcover!), somtimes signed, with sprayed pages or with an exclusive cover.

This was my third FairyLoot box and I can honestly say that this was the best one yet.

Spoilers for the December box! Proceed with caution!

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