Fan Art Friday: THE CRUEL PRINCE by Holly Black #1

Friday is the day of the week where we make heart eyes at fan art, admire people’s artistic abilities and pity ourselves for not being gifted in that area.

Today’s fan art resolves around Holly Black’s The Cruel Prince. I may not have loved this book as much as other people (read my review here), but there’s so much gorgeous art out there that I can’t help but share it with you!

But enough small talk. Let’s get started.

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Yearly Wrap-Up | My 2019 in Books

I initially didn’t want to make a wrap-up post for 2019, simply because it was such a bad reading year for me. But I just watched readwithcindy’s wrap-up and I got motivated to do one myself. Just because it wasn’t the best year for books, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t look back and reflect.

Screenshot (29)

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Bücher auf Englisch lesen | Gründe und Tipps

Wenn Leute sehen, dass ich ein Buch auf Englisch lese, werde ich oft gefragt: “Warum?” (begleitet von einem ungläubigen Blick). Meistens ist meine Antwort ein einfaches Schulterzucken und ein “Nur so”. Dabei gibt es viele Gründe, weshalb ich auf Englisch lese – und weshalb du es auch tun solltest.

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Most Anticipated Books | New Releases in May 2019

April is already over and it’s time for my most anticipated May releases! I don’t think my list has ever been this short (only three books? What’s going on?) but these are highly anticipated books of mine. Like, really. Probably some of my most anticipated reads of 2019. Please don’t disappoint.

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