Getting Rid of my Physical TBR | New Year’s Resolution

2020 is the year of reading all the books that have been sitting on your shelf for ages.

2019-12-14 11.17.08 1.jpg

We all know that situation when you’re standing in front of the closet and don’t know what to wear even though there are so many clothes, right? Often times it’s the same with books. We have shelves over shelves filled with books, many of them unread, and we keep buying books but at the end of the day we still find ourselves not knowing what to read.

I’m sick of this.

I don’t want half of my books to be just a waste of space, catching dust. So I’m going to change that. My New Year’s Resolution for 2020 is to shrink my physical TBR significantly and to keep it under 20 books for, preferably, ever. I want to get rid of the books that I have no interest in anymore and learn not to hesitate when it comes to DNF-ing; time is precious and I shouldn’t waste it on things I don’t enjoy.

The first step of this long process is to get an overview of the amount of unread books I have, so I rearranged my shelves a bit. I put all the unread books together, the books that I’ve paused and the books that, according to Goodreads, I’m currently reading. In total, I am speaking about 81 books here.

81 books.

Thank God I’m finally deciding to do something about this because otherwise this number would just keep growing and growing. Also, I just realized that this means I’ll have to restrict my book buying severely and you know what? That’s probably for the best.

I want to share this little project of mine with you and keep you updated, for the accountability but also because I know I’m not the only one with this problem. Maybe this’ll motivate you to start working on your TBR, too!

How many unread books do you have? Any tips for reducing your TBR? Let me know down below in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Getting Rid of my Physical TBR | New Year’s Resolution

  1. I think I have less than 10 now? Some books I bought recently that I’ve already read from the library, but wanted physical copies of. I honestly don’t buy a lot of books so it’s not too hard to keep my tbr small. I still want to get to the point where I just buy books when I want to read them, instead of having a bunch of unread ones sitting there forever

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    1. Less than 10? Lol I really must have a book buying problem.

      Buying books just when I want to read them would be the ultimate goal, but I think I need to stay realistic 😂 I don’t think I’d ever manage that. Just reducing my physical TBR would be good enough for now.

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  2. I keep my physical unread books to about 10-12. I keep them separate from everything I’ve already read, so I know exactly what I’m working with. I also keep them in order of when I got them, so if something is sitting there for months and I still haven’t gotten to it, I’ll probably let it go. Before getting books, I try to reason out why am I getting it. Is it an author I like? Is it a book I have been personally recommended? Does it sound amazing? If yes, I will get it. But if I look at why I want it and my reasons are just because it’s a new book and I want it, I try to refrain. This doesn’t always work, but it has helped!

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  3. I have similar goals for 2020 because my owned TBR is obnoxious! Right now I have around 80 books, but I haven’t gone through to add all the unread monsters lurking on my kindle yet so uh… I am sure that number will quadruple at least oops.
    Have you heard about the Start on Your Shelfathon that The Quiet Pond is hosting? It’s a lowkey, yearlong challenge to read books you own and complete cute little star maps along the way.


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