Fan Art Friday: GRISHA VERSE by Leigh Bardugo #1

There are so many artists who not only love to draw, but also to read. The result: amazing fan art that makes me squeal and screech and jump up and down. But I don’t really want to fangirl on my own anymore, so come and admire this beautiful art with me.

I wanted to make a single post for Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom, but I found so much art, you wouldn’t believe, that I’ve decided to make this a thing. Y’know, Fanart Friday.

Enough small talk. Let’s get to the art!


Credit: bunabi on tumblr


Credit: shalizeh7 on tumblr


Credit: Slashpalooza on tumblr

And since King of Scars is coming out soon, have a little Nikolai:

(Every picture from instagram is from the orginal artist’s account. Every other artist will be linked.)

7 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday: GRISHA VERSE by Leigh Bardugo #1

  1. ok as someone who basically inhales tumblr because of all the genius fanart, this post speaks to me on a personal level. ‘fanart friday’ more like ‘fucking hell what is this beauty gimme’ amirite.
    also,kinda unrelated, but i just got my copy of crooked kingdom in the mail today and it’s so beautiful i’m crying.

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    1. bahaha i feel you. i kinda regret making this fanart friday because i just wanna post art of my faves all the time.
      when my collectors edition of six of crows came i made the weirdest noises ever and my brother thought i was dying or someting

      Liked by 1 person

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